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Our enrollment is limited to a fixed number in each age group:

Preschool classes are determined by age on September 10th. 

2 year olds, two teachers for 14 children (Wednesday mornings)

3 year olds, two teachers for 16 children (Monday/Friday mornings)

3 year olds, two teachers for 16 children (Tuesday/Thursday mornings)

4 year olds, two teachers for 18 children (Mon/Wed/Fri mornings)

4 year olds, two teachers for 18 children (Tuesday/Thursday mornings)


There is also an assistant teacher/nutrition specialist that moves between the rooms as needed each morning of the week.

Payment Information:

Willson Preschool is a non-profit organization which operates on a limited planned budget.

 All tuition funds are used to operate the Preschool: staff salaries, rent, insurance, supplies, curriculum materials, food and other expenses incurred during the year.

Tuition Information

Tuition is calculated on a per year basis and divided into nine equal monthly payments for convenience. You will therefor pay the same amount each month regardless of the length of the month or number of classes held. For example, September and December are short on the number of classes in the month, but the monthly payment is the same as the other months.

The calendar is calculated to give each group a specific number of days for attendance. For example, Brown Bears are there for 32 days each school year.



Policies for 2022-2023:

 If for some reason you need to withdraw your student from the program we require 30 days notice so that we can try to find someone to fill the spot.

If your child is absent from class due to illness, vacation, etc. full tuition must still be paid to hold your child’s place in the class. 

Please remember, we have to pay our monthly expenses even if your child is unable to attend school. Our budget is set based on full classrooms. If a classroom needs to be quarantined due Covid exposure tuition will still need to be paid in full.

2022-2023 Fees:

Tuition is typically paid monthly in nine installments. For current tuition rates, please contact

Tuition is due on the first day of the month, including September. 

Unless prior arrangements are made with the Director(s), a $25 late fee will be assessed after the 15th day of each month. Enrollment will be terminated when accounts are 60 days past due and the deposits will be forfeited.

How to Pay:

 Monthly tuition will be invoiced by email and can be paid online directly from the invoice or with a written check brought to the preschool. There are envelopes by the sign-in sheets for the parent treasurer. 

If you have cash please make sure to give it directly to the director(s) or treasurer. Checks can also be sent to our parent *treasurer.

Please see handbook for address.



Parental Involvement

Every parent has a “say” and is able to attend the board meetings.

The Parent Board meets a minimum of twice a year; there is a fall meeting and a spring meeting. The Board is responsible for the following:

  • • Supporting the director and staff in achieving their educational goals
  • • Allowing parents a forum for voicing their interests and concerns
  • • Hiring and dismissing the director
  • • Setting the staff salaries
  • • Setting the tuition fees
  • • Setting minimum health standards for the school
  • • Allocating funds

Every parent has a “say” and is able to attend the board meetings. They are invited to vote on administrative issues regarding the preschool. Please plan to attend the Parent Board meeting in the spring to become informed and to have input in the direction of the school.

The Board members (5) are elected at the March parent meeting each year. Officers include:

President/Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer and two at-large members. The President/

Chairperson presides over the meetings and assists the director(s) as needed. The Secretary takes and reports on the minutes from the meetings. The Treasurer keeps the books and handles all financial transactions. For this service, tuition for up to three mornings per week is waived for the Treasurer’s child. This is a minimum two-year commitment.

The Board, Directors of the Preschool (who are ex-officio Board members) will also meet if any special situations arise during the school year. These parents will also act as parent representatives for the school year. If you have any recommendations or concerns please inform one of the Directors or one of the Board members. With the help of your input we can continually grow and maintain our quality reputation.

Daily Schedule

Willson Preschool is in session Monday through Friday beginning at 9:30 and ending at 12:45. 

Each morning there is an option of extended care in the Early Bird program (8:30-9:30) and on Monday and Tuesday in the Late Bug Program (12:45-3:00). 

These programs are separate from the regular classes with limited enrollment.